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Interview with Isaiah Taylor

Isaiah Taylor went from managing Subways to managing multiple Best Buys and even Costco for Apple. In this interview, Isaiah Taylor goes over vital information over customer interactions in stores, crucial number metrics, and teaching many lessons. He knows an abundance about managing businesses, and stresses that development of one’s team is a crucial role in leading in sales and development. Isaiah works for Apple for almost two years now and continues to lead in many metrics across the company. Read critically on how he has come this far in such a short time, and how he continues to make a difference with co-workers, customers, and even those above him.

What is your professional History?

I am currently an Apple Solutions Consultant and have been since 2017. I work closely with Best Buy and Costco representatives to help push Apple and increase numbers. I was a Regional manager for Subway from 2016 to 2017. In this time I was in charge of various store to make sure things were being done the best way possible as well as developing leaders in various stores. I was also a store manager for Subway from 2014 to 2016. In this time I hired and trained many employees and made sure that the store was upkept the best way possible.

What writing advice do you have for professional communicators?

Be as articulate yet succinct as possible. If there needs to be more color around the topic they will ask you to expound.

What is your one pet peeve when it comes to professional writing?

The lack of creativity most professionals use when communicating in their writings. It is generally dry with lack of imagination. I feel like writers should take the time to sit down and think outside their normal comfort zone in order to make things how they really want it rather than settling for a standard.

What kind of business reports do you read and/or compose regularly?

Most reports I read/compose are regarding my company and/or competitors to grasp what will be causing affects in doing weeks business. I work closely with various people in Best Buy and Costco to go over these reports to make sure that numbers are being hit effectively. Having good numbers is a very important part of my role, but also expanding on these numbers and improving them is another big focus of mine. I work closer with Best Buy currently because Best Buy has representatives that are oriented around Apple and the positive aspects that Apple has to offer. One big focus is to improve on AppleCare+ numbers for various products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Having a driven team makes this task much easier because I can rely on them a bit to help push these numbers and train the team when I am not there.

What are you writing suggestions to make that type of report?

Be informed when it comes to your communication. Make sure that you are looking at business from both perspectives. If you are too one-sided then you may miss out on important information that could be key in driving your business successfully.

What speaking advice do you have for professionals?

Practice, practice, practice. It is important to get your point across in a very clear and clean message. The more you know and understand your content the more effective it will be as you relay it.

Name one thing you wish you had know about business communication prior to your professional career?

I wish I would have known the clarity of being succinct. The simplicity of talk in communication with upper management was something that took a long time to learn.

After assessing the Burning Glass list of Baseline Skills (2016), which skills not in the top 5 would you more into the top 5…and why?

Being in the role I am in right now I feel like there should be different things in the top five. It really depends on what role someone is in for this top five, but my current role and for previous I feel like it should be changed. I believe communication is in the right spot. I would put presentation skills next, then customer service, leadership, then lastly critical thinking. Sales is a very hard area to be successful in depending on what you are doing. Having this list changed makes things easier for someone trying to figure out how to step up in a company and as a sales person. Having these three top five things mastered would put someone in an excellent position in any work environment.

What team skills do you feel young professionals need the most?

Communication will always be at the top. There is such importance in staying on the same page and pursuing the same goals. Making sure everything is known and understood needs to be the focus. Having the ability to obtain fearless feedback in areas that need to be worked on and understand that you don’t always have to have the answers is a Key. Never stop learning.

Key Take Aways

Mr. Taylor shared many lessons above. The team skill of communication is essential especially in most workplaces. Sales are a big area where communication is vital and can make or break a company. If communication is not there then the sales persons as well as the company can completely crash. “Fearless Feedback” is another vital area because in sales one should be looking at ways to improve their techniques and terminology.

Isaiah has always been huge on the developmental side of his team and his friends. Being able to develop people at both Subway and Apple have been amazing opportunities for him. He has been able to make sure that those he has worked with have the resources necessary and training needed to step up in the work place. It could either be in the same company or a different one. Regardless, he has taken many people and has helped them climb a corporate ladder and have helped them switch companies to better suit their personality.

Isaiah Taylor Biography

Isaiah Taylor grew up in Orange County California. He went to school at Brea Olinda High School and spent one year at a Junior College. Afterwards he went to a specialized vocation school for youth ministry. Some of his family currently live in Hutch Kansas while others live in various places in California. Isaiah has worked for Subway as a store manager then regional manager. He has helped various coworkers take management positions and he has helped some take store management positions. He currently works for Apple and is ranked extremely well for his work and the work of Best Buy employees. Isaiah has been talked about many times during conference calls and meetings even though he has only worked for Apple a short time. Isaiah is on track to receive an award from Apple for the work that he is doing and that is his main goal right now. Isaiah is also looking to advance in Apple and make his way up the ladder.

Isaiah Taylor lacks a LinkedIn profile but has said that information over his job and responsibilities can be found on He has also stated that any questions can be sent to his email at

There is a lot of information regarding Apples ecosystem and how much work they put into their devices on their website. Also looking into Isaiahs current job role as an Apple Solutions Consultant can be found on their website as well at


Layne Cox is a junior at the University of Southern Indiana. Layne is a Computer Science major and loves the idea of Game Design as an occupation. He is currently the Apple Pro at Best Buy and spends most of his time there working. When he is not working, he spends time with his roommates either playing games or watching tv.

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Written by Layne Cox

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