ARTICLE LINK – Linking Theory to Practice: Authentic Leadership

Journal: strategic management journal

Author: Bonnie J Covelli, University of St. Francis, Iyana Mason

Publication Date/Info: Volume 16, issue 3


The plethora and enormity of corruption across industry sectors (e.g., higher education,
corporate scandals and political unrest) during the early 21st century helped develop a profound
sense of distrust among the public and prompted scholars and business leaders to propagate a
new leadership theory that could effectively address these new challenges. Authentic leadership,
a relatively new leadership theory, is a construct that incorporates traits, behaviors, styles and
skills to promote ethical and honest behavior and thus has greater positive long-term outcomes
for leaders, their followers and their organizations. According to proponents of the theory,
authenticity is believed to make leaders more effective, lead with meaning, purpose, values and
be better equipped to deal with organizational challenges. In this paper, the authors define
authentic leadership and present an exploratory research study on its theory and application in


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