ARTICLE LINK – The Research Evaluation Model for the Local Organization of the National Research Institute

Journal: Business Ethics

Author: Donghun Yoon

Publication Date/Info: Vol: 16 Issue: 3


The National Research Institute is the country’s organization for national research. It can conduct a nationwide research for a national project when the government, academe and industry cannot do so. The government has supported the stable operation of the institute and has provided a budget for it, so that it could fulfil the government’s research and development (R&D) requirements. The local organization of the National Research Institute is very important for the establishment of a local innovation system (Kromrey, 2003; Levin-Rozalis, 2003; Fetterman, 2008). It is the network hub for local innovation. The local innovation system is based on the national innovation system (NIS). The NIS has carried out government R&D for the creation, introduction and improvement of the country’s technologies. Also, it is the network for non-government organizations (NGOs) and public institutions (Freeman, 1987). The NIS is defined as the gathering of innovation factors for the technology innovation process. The interaction and role of the innovation factors are recognized as significant (Nelson & Rosenberg, 1993). Edquist (1997) suggested issues for the general economic indicator, such as economic growth and employment. The general local development strategy (public infrastructure investment, enterprise attraction, etc.) imposes a limit on the country’s balanced development and local innovation. The core factor of local development is local technology innovation. Local development can enhance the country’s local growth potential and long-term development through science and technology. The absolute gap is rectified and local policymaking for science and technology innovation is needed for the country’s balanced development. Also, a local research base is needed for science and technology innovation. The local organization of the National Research Institute will serve as the essential research base.


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