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Interview with Nita Groce

When you communicate with professionals you must do so in a professional manner. However, professionalism does not always come natural. Sometimes we need a guide to put us on the right path toward professionalism. Nita Groce, is an Assistant Manager for Lantower Cypress Creek apartment community in Lutz, Florida. Today she helps give us this guidance as she speaks about professionalism, communication, and her work in property management.

  1. What is your professional history (include your timeline and roles)?

I have been in Property Management for 21 years Starting out as a Leasing Professional in 1998.  Promoted to Assistant Manager with the 1st year.  Took a Property Manager position in 1999 while husband went to Korea for 1 year.  Have been in Management for most of my career.   I am currently in an Assistant Manager position of a 451 unit  Apartment Community.  I also hold a Real Estate License for the State of Texas since 1995.

  1. What writing advice do you have for professional communicators?

Grammar, punctuation and spelling are very important.  Professional communication should always be informative but succinct.

  1. What is your one pet peeve when it comes to professional writing?

Spelling.  It is the one that is the most avoidable if you just use spell check.  It also indicates that the person did not take the time to proof read.

  1. What kind of business reports do you read and/or compose regularly?

As an Assistant Manager the main job is collections.  I’m responsible for posting rental payments and bank deposits manual and electronic, delinquency report getting updated daily, Weekly report for traffic, Processing final account with balances and deposit refunds and finally Closing/balancing the accounting month end each month.

  1. What are your writing suggestions to make those types of reports successful?

The format that we are currently using is good.  At this time, I would not make any


  1. What speaking advice do you have for professional communicators?

Speaking professionally in front of prospects you must make sure that you speak clearly at a volume that people can hear you.  Make sure that you articulate and be confident in the subject that you are speaking about.

  1. Name one thing you wish you had known about business communication prior to your professional career?

I wish someone would have told me how hard it can be working with people from all different parts of the world and backgrounds.  The service industry is a hard business but is also very rewarding.

  1. After assessing the Burning Glass list of Baseline Skills (2016), which skills not in the top 5 would you move into the top 5…and why?

I would replace Basic mathematics with Time Management.  I truly feel like if you are in   a management position you have at least the basics of math.  Time Management is huge when you are in Management.  If you do not have the skills to manage your time and others around you, you will not get any work completed.   Therefore, you will not be able to effectively manage.

  1. What team skills do you feel young professionals need the most?

First, I think you need to understand the word (TEAM).  There is no (I) in team.  This                means that everyone works for the betterment of the whole department.  Not one person trying to outshine the group.  Always being ready when your counter – part is need of support.  Helping the one person that may not be as knowledgeable about certain topics or subjects as you are.  Remember that when you work together as a team everyone wins.

Key Takeaways

After interviewing Nita Groce it brought to light some of the more important aspects of business communications. The biggest takeaways from this interview: spelling and grammar, time management, and the ability to work in a team have great significance. In the interview Mrs. Groce stated that spelling is her biggest pet peeve because it is the most avoidable, as well as it shows that the author didn’t proof read their document. When reading a document that has multiple grammatical errors it is bothersome. Also, it shows author did not care enough or was too lazy to proof read and revise their work before sending it out.

Time management sticks out as well because, as Mrs. Groce pointed out, without time management you will not be able to get projects done. In the management profession you need to coordinate the schedules of your employees as well as your own; making this important in your success. The last point that Mrs. Groce made that sticks with me is the ability to work in a team. This is crucial because in business you will always have to work with a team. Knowing the fundamentals for succeeding in a team is essential. Mrs. Groce pointed out that in a team, when everybody acts as a team the whole team wins, but if one person tries to outshine the group and looks out for their selves’ it can hurt the team overall.

Getting an interview with someone that happens as be as successful as Nita Groce was a great opportunity. Especially considering her Management experience and insight, meaning a great deal to me with my major being Management. Nita Groce worked in property management for 21 years, starting in 1998. She also owns real estate in Texas and has since 1995. Now she works at Lantower Cypress Creek Apartments as an assistant manager in Lutz, Florida; located on the outskirts of Tampa. 

Author Bio: Jake Walters is a Business Management major in The Romain College of Business at The University of Southern Indiana. Before attending USI, Jake lived in Henderson, Kentucky

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Written by Jake Walters


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