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Kareem Yusuf: A question of tone

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Technology can be dehumanizing. Even our day-to-day personal interactions conducted in digital bursts risk losing the heart of who are. Kareem Yusuf shows how people have aimed to embed emotional “tone” into their digital lives, from text-messages to data. He explores why, in today’s fully digitized and globalized world, we must strive to incorporate tone into everything we do.

Dr. Kareem Yusuf is responsible for software development and SaaS operations for the ExperienceOne customer engagement solution set in IBM, a core element of the IBM Smarter Commerce initiative. He has been with IBM for 16 years, joining the IBM software development lab in Hursley, U.K. after completing a Ph.D. fromthe University of Leeds. Outside his day-to- day duties, Dr. Yusuf maintains an active interest in all things technical, with a particular interest in digital media and programming languages. He is the author of Enterprise Messaging Using JMS and IBM WebSphere.

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