Laura Bush on a Normal Life in the White House (C-SPAN) – W/Evaluation Form

Laura Bush on a Normal Life in the White House (C-SPAN)

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Former First Lady Laura Bush talks about having a normal life inside the White House in an exclusive interview with C-SPAN for its First Ladies series. More information here:

“Well I think the American public sees the First Lady in very glamorous circumstances usually for a state dinner in a beautiful gown or, you know, in some speech where at a handsome suit are or whatever. But I think that what they may not imagine looking at the White House from the outside is that it’s actually a very normal life upstairs in that – on that those two floors that are at the White House residence that First Ladies probably and I know I did actually lie in the couch and read a book and in my case my cat would always curl up next to me.

That great Palladium window that everyone associates with the west side of the White House, the one that you see, is wonderful to sit in that window in the late afternoon when I would be waiting for George to come home from work because the sun would come in and pour across that couch. So it really is a nice couch to lie on and read a book.”

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Written by Alexandra Jones


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