Mikael Fogelstrom: Graphene, from a layer of atoms to applications – W/Evaluation Form

Mikael Fogelstrom: Graphene, from a layer of atoms to applications

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Graphene is often called the “material of superlatives” because so much about it is extreme. Made of a single layer of carbon atoms, it is the thinnest structure ever (it is actually 2D). It is impermeable, stronger than diamond, and the best thermal conductor found to date. Mikael Fogelstrom, head of the Graphene Institute at Chalmers University, explains graphene’s chemical structure, its potential applications, and why this might just catapult us into the next Carbon Age.

Mikael is a Professor in theoretical physics and a Scientific Leader of the Graphene Centre at Chalmers University of Technology. His main topics of research are mesoscopic and unconventional superconductivity. Recently, he has added research on graphene and topological materials to his portfolio.

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