Build Your Written Communication Skills in 5 Easy Steps (1/48)

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Written communication skills can be useful, even crucial, for career success. If you’re good at business writing, you’re more likely to create a good impression. But if you aren’t getting the message across clearly with your words, your chances for getting jobs, promotions, raises and bonuses may be harmed.

Whether you’re sending a winning cover letter to a hiring manager, a memo to a colleague, a report to your team or an email to a client, crisp, highly focused and error-free writing signals that you’re someone who is organized, knowledgeable and detail oriented.


Humans communicate three ways: verbally, nonverbally and through written word. Effective speaking and confident nonverbal language go a long way in hashing out a deal over a lunch or networking in a crowd, but it’s writing that leads the list on job skills sought by employers.


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Written by Drew Uesseler


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