My So-called Social Media Life (42/61)

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I’m turning into an old fart, a cranky broad, a bit fusty about this thing called social media. I might even secretly pride myself on having an inactive or, at least, a very stale social media presence. I’m so uncool. Yeah, I’m an egghead. Don’t even get me started about the 107 friend requests I’ve ignored on you-know-what. And good lord, the numbers of people that are listed as potential friends . . . scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls of ’em . . . until I lose track after at least 200 miniature profile pictures, but wait! Wasn’t she my student back in the late 1990s? What class was that, Social Uses of New Media? And hey, clever of that MP to be here—could it be my contribution to their last rather lackluster campaign? OK, neighbors in a few recent cities I’ve lived in, that colleague of the colleague that I met at one of those annual conferences . . . but someone I went to high school with in the era of bellbottom blues, Nixon, and weak weed? And, oh man, look at this lineup of academics! Academics, here, there, and everywhere . . . wow, such polished profile pictures! God, I feel bad all of a sudden . . . not quite depressed . . . a bit panicked, stressed, yeah definitely stressed . . .

OK, so what if I’m a bit fraudulent because I don’t strut the stuff even though I’ve been teaching courses and writing about information and communications technologies (ICTs) writ large for years? Here are some of my thoughts about the questions posed as Social Media + Society kicks off its formative and undoubtedly glorious years!

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Written by Parker Collignon


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