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Apple has released a new operating system for their Mac computers called Catalina. This operating system introduces many new features and upgrades compared to its predecessors. This operating system has changed many features that people are used to and have added many beneficial features. The integration that Apple has done with its various devices makes life easier for everyday users and even business users depending on what they want to do.

If users also have an iPad there is a very significant update to the functionality of the iPad using it with a Mac running the new Operating System. This is a very big functionality change and users can take advantage of it in order to use the Mac like a touch screen. This makes things easier in the business world because users are able to use their iPad as a screen from their Mac, so they can markup as much as they want. Users can use this new functionality to draw on their screens, markup pictures, or even use it to sign documents.

There was a lot of talk and worry about the functionality of iTunes, and many people were worried that it would completely go away and they would be left with nothing. This is not true whatsoever as the video goes over the different apps that replaced iTunes.

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    What is the new Mac OS called?

    • Mojave
    • High Sierra
    • Catalina
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    There are four apps that replaced a BIG APP, what was the app that was replaced?

    • Apple TV
    • App Store
    • iTunes
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    What is iTunes called now?

    • Apple Tunes
    • Podcasts
    • Music
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    How do you update/restore your devices?

    • Music
    • iTunes
    • Finder
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    What is another new feature added with the new os?

    • Dark Mode
    • Siri
    • Find my iPhone
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    There is a new feature added across devices, iPhones and iPads, that can show you how long you are on your device and what you do specifically, what is this called?

    • Time
    • Screen Time
    • App Usage
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    A new app is on all updated devices, it replaced Find my iPhone, what is it called?

    • Find my Friends
    • Find my devices
    • Find my
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    What is the new iPad OS?

    • iOS 13
    • iPad OS
    • IOS 12
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    What is the new feature added that links an iPad with a Mac?

    • Side Car
    • Car Play
    • Car Side
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    What can you do with the voice control option in accessibility?

    • Use Siri to find things
    • open apps
    • Control your entire Mac
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    If your Mac has a T2 chip, what can you do?

    • Yes
    • No
    • a T3 Chip

Written by Layne Cox

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