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The marketing platform Mintent is a software of innovation that allows the user to create many kinds of media. The media developed through the processes involved in Mintent allows marketing team members to deliver any and all kinds of marketing information. After creating the desired media, the user can manage and measure all of their media, such as marketing projects, through Mintent. There are three initial steps for creating an eBook as a sort of media. The steps involved go by the names of Ideation, Creation, and finally Publishing.

As an example, a marketing manager who wishes to create an eBook with their team for an upcoming campaign will add their ideas into required fields for the project. They will then fill out a creative brief to further create their eBook while assigning team mates to specific tasks in the creation process. Once all desired information and data is been entered, the marketing manager and their team will publish their eBook on any desired channels. Mintent allows the entire team to review the content analytics of their published eBook. Utilizing all that Mintent has to offer, marketing teams can properly manage their marketing assets and campaigns without hassle.

Demo video describing the process of making an eBook in Mintent:

The goal of this quiz is to immerse you in the features of Mintent and how your marketing team can benefit from Mintent’s functionality.

  • Question of

    How do you start making your new eBook?

    • Under calendar select the tool icon and then click create
    • Under calendar select create
    • Use magic
    • Under team tasks select create
  • Question of

    After you fill out the required fields for the first step what is the next step?

    • Draft editor
    • Publish
    • Creative brief
    • Quit, you have done enough.
  • Question of

    How to start drafting?

    • Click the draft button next to creative brief
    • Uh, im not sure.
    • Click activity
    • Click publish
  • Question of

    After filling out the creative brief you are ready to?

    • PUBLISH!!!!!
    • Submit it for reviewer
    • Ready to starting working on the team project
    • Set due date and assign team members to a task
  • Question of

    How do you use the PDF editor?

    • Click preview
    • Click PDF editor
    • Click edit
    • Wait 10 hours and it will pop up
  • Question of

    What does the PDF editor do?

    • Opens up a PDF for you to view
    • Sends you to a PDF layout where you can make desgin changes and add comments
    • Gives you an address of a near by party
    • Automatically edits everything that is wrong
  • Question of

    Once the final version is approved what comes next?

    • Obviously nap time
    • There is nothing left to do
    • Publish
    • Makes you go through steps 2 and 3 again
  • Question of

    What is the following picture of?

    • Content analytics where your team can adjust the date where they see fit
    • Content analytics where you and your team can brain storm new ideas
    • Wait a minute…i’m at the wrong place
    • Content analytics where you and your team can view content from channels, persona, and topic
  • Question of

    What was this video about?

    • Creating and publish a eBook
    • I don’t know i was sleeping
    • How to watch team members more closely
    • How to be a better team player

Written by Dylan Watson


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