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Redbooth is a online, web-based workspace that serves as a collaboration tool and communication platform. This workplace allows teams to collaborate, communicate, and work together more effectively to get their work done. This software also assists teams in becoming more productive by helping them focus on the work itself, rather than having to spend additional time managing the work. The following video will help you more understand the process of Redbooth by showing you how the software actually works. Additionally, the following quiz will check your knowledge on what you have learned about the structure of Redbooth. Please make sure you watch the video first, and then proceed to take the quiz to see how much you learned about Redbooth. After completing the quiz, be sure to check this video out to learn additional essentials of Redbooth. It will teach you how to get started in your own workspace.

  • Question of

    Redbooth is built around workspaces to help?

    • a. organize, plan, and communicate better as a team
    • b. order, create, and shape better as a team
    • c. meet, transfer, and enlighten better as a team
  • Question of

    Where is the column view icon located?

    • a. Top left, red icon
    • b. Top right, red icon
    • c. On the dashboard
  • Question of

    What is shown in the recruiting funnel?

    • a. Proposals, actives, and published
    • b. Active roles, phone screen, and new applicants
    • c. Convos, notes, and files
  • Question of

    What does “invite as external” mean?

    • a. Limited access, ability to comment and create new tasks but not new work spaces
    • b. Full access
    • c. Ability to see new projects but not work on them
  • Question of

    What icons do you click on to populate tasks with additional information?

    • a. HD meetings and reports
    • b. Sort and filter icons
    • c. Calendar and type name to assign icons
  • Question of

    By using the @ symbol in the comments, this does what?

    • a. Mentions everyone in the work space
    • b. Gets everyone’s attention
    • c. Invites everyone to the project
  • Question of

    Which quick key allows you to manage multiple tasks at any given time?

    • a. Hold, shift, multi select
    • b. Ctrl, Z
    • c. Ctrl, K
  • Question of

    What are some additional sorting methods?

    • a. Filter method
    • b. There are no sorting methods
    • c. Due date, assignee, task name A to Z, task name Z to A
  • Question of

    There is a gantt view in the timeline view.

    • a. True
    • b. False
  • Question of

    Which icon manages tasks more visually?

    • a. Sort
    • b. Timeline view
    • c. Dashboard

Written by Madison Cross

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