Salesforce is a CRM application. A CRM is a system that helps you manage relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. Salesforce also keeps track of prospect, sales, and customers. Those are good to have because every business needs to have these to keep business afloat and going out of business. Salesforce keeps track of prospect, sales, and customers are by lead, opportunity, accounts, and contacts. Business cards, websites are from of submissions and other prospects that can help people learn more about the company.  Leads are very important to companies because they need to get people interested in the company so the company can continue making money and keep the business alive because without customers there wouldn’t be a business. A lead then turns into an opportunity that actually gets the company some business and more customers. Salesforce has an account record that keeps the company name, industry, number of employees, location of the customer.  The Opportunity record holds the product, amount, decision makers, and close dates. That helps business in many ways.  Cases also help the business because the more cases you have more business you have. Business needs leads because you want people looking at your business. Sales force makes it easy  to keep the customers happy and make sure their questions are answered and any help them need can be helped through the cases. 

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    What is salesforce?

    • A CRM
    • nothing
  • Question /

    What is a CRM?

    • a system that helps you mange relationships and interactions with prospects and customers
    • nothing
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    What does Salesforce keep tack of?

    • Prospect, Sales Customers
    • doesn’t keep track of anything
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    How does Salesforce keep track of Prospect, sales, and customers?

    • Leads, Opportunity, Accounts, and contacts
    • It doesn’t keep track of anything
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    What is a lead?

    • Customers that have express interest in learning more about your products or services
    • lead in the company
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    What does an Account record store?

    • Company Name, Industry, Number of Employees, location
    • doesn’t store anything
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    What does the Opportunity record store?

    • Product, amount, decision makers, close dates
    • nothing
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    What is an Opportunity?

    • a sale that you’re working on
    • a lead
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    What does salesforce do for your customers?

    • keep them happy
    • doesn’t help the customers only business
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    What is a case?

    • See all relevant sales and service data for every customer
    • briefcase

Written by Aliyah Peveler

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