What are the 12 Best Tax Filing Services?

The tax season is long and stressful. But, worry not. Here is a list of tax services that might make life a little better.  Services are identified based on cost and features offered. Comprised of 12 of the best services, check our list to make your tax season better. (..and vote up your favorites!)

#1 H&R Block

H&R Block started in 1955 with two brothers and a mission to help people through their taxes. H&R is the best option for complicated tax fillings. H&R Block offers a variety of price options ranging from a free option to a “Premium” version for $64.95.

#2 TurboTax

Turbo Tax has a wide range of options and features to make tax filing easy for everyone. Amateurs and professionals regard Turbo Tax as the best tax software despite it being a little pricey.

#3 TaxSlayer

Tax Slayer is a cheaper option than the bigger names. They have many support options to make that make filing easy. Tax Slayer was originally designed for professionals. In recent years, however, Tax Slayer has added features to make filing taxes easy for anybody.

#4 Credit Karma

Credit Karma offers free tax filing. Credit Karma is newer in the tax game than many other options but has made progress in the last few years to make filing taxes easy. They do not have as many options as other tax programs such as business credits for small businesses and personalized customer service with no upgrade option and step by step guidance.

#5 Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is a good, easy to use program for a relatively good price. It has many features to help make filing taxes easier. These features are not as good of quality as those offered by bigger named competitors.

#6 DIYtax

DIY Tax is completely free to use. However, it is not easy to use. It is not user friendly and has poor support availability. It does have accurate calculators.

#7 TaxAct

Tax Act does not offer many features compared to their competitors but is much less expensive. It is a good tax program in relation to the cost.

#8 FreeTax USA

Free Tax USA is an option better suited for experienced tax filers but can be used by amateurs as well. It has many good support options and has a relatively good price.

#9 Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax is for experienced tax filers. It is not a pretty site and not user friendly for those who are new at filing taxes. It is a good program for those who know what they are doing.

#10’s motto is “Filing Taxes should be smart and simple”. It delivers on that statement fairly well. It has good prices and good support options if needed. It can only handle simple tax filings and will falter when a filing becomes too difficult.

#11 esmart tax

Esmart is very similar to DIY Tax in most aspects. The difference is that a tax filer has to pay for esmart because esmart has better support systems.

#12 OLT Tax

OLT is a very cheap option. In this case, you get what you pay for. It is not user friendly and the only good thing that can be said about it is that it has calculators that work well. OLT is not recommended for any reason.

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Written by Heath Burch

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