The Market Value of Esports Players | Noah Whinston TEDx Talk – W/Evaluation Form

The Market Value of Esports Players | Noah Whinston TEDx Talk

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Noah Whinston’s TED talk hits the hot topic of exploiting players in Esports. He explains like most people… players tie their worth to their work which is exacerbated by the use of gamertags… stripping them from their real life identity. Because many players only focus on their performance, many tie their market value to that one variable… how well they play the game. But as Noah points out the reason Immortals exists is because Noah finds ways to make money outside of just their in game performance like selling sponsorships and partnering with other companies by using player’s name, image, voice, and work outside the game. As salaries become more public, players have more data points to come up with their market value, what they can make for themselves, and for the team they play for.
What’s the key takeaway from Noah’s talk?
Diversify your worth. Tying your worth to one variable will make for an exhausting life of extremes, but if you diversity your focus to interests outside the game you’ll find life gets a lot easier. It’s like a diversified stock portfolio… if one thing goes down, you’ll have something else keeping you steady or bringing you up. Within your career, your face, voice, thoughts, and actions outside the game are worth a lot of money. Outside your career your family, friends, interests, and pastimes are worth a lot as well. And if you can invest in all of those things a little more evenly, everything gets easier. Except when you have to decide between fighting 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck.

Here’s the talk: w/ Mark Register

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Written by Alexandra Jones


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