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Valedictorian speech interrupted!!!!

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Valedictorian speech got cut off by the administration. The following is the rest of his speech. DAVID WAS BANNED FROM GOING TO GRAD NIGHT BECAUSE OF THIS SPEECH.
Good afternoon Parents, students, family members, friends, and faculty. I know the previous speeches have given you all great advice, embraced wonderful memories, and have all been entertaining. So I am going to do my speech a little different today. Instead of going about this as a regular graduation speech, I am going to talk about PARTYING. So what is partying? According to, a party is a social gathering, as of invited guests at a private home, for conversation, refreshments, entertainment, and to party means to enjoy oneself thoroughly and without restraint; indulge in pleasure. Over a high school career, this event takes place usually every weekend. As freshman, partying was not a priority because everyone is still getting adjusted to high school and there is a perception that partying is bad. As sophomores, there is still this perception but students are maturing and beginning to wonder about such parties. Then, as juniors, going to parties on weekends is not a weekly routine but on occasion, they do attend. Finally, as seniors, where for some, going to parties was a priority. Looking forward to weekends is the only thought on his or her mind as he or she sit in history class listening to a boring lecture. For parents or other students who have never attended a party, you may wonder what goes on at these parties? Well from my own personal experience, it really depends on the kind of party and the guests who are invited. Sometimes, the people who are going to this party is as important as who is having the party because you want to hang out with the right crowd and with people who are of your type. But, it can be assured that most of these parties have one thing in common — and that is drugs and alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is always present at these kind of parties and parents may think I do not want to allow my child to attend such events but I want you guys to consider this: If your child wants to attend parties or other social events and he or she is going to college away from home, if you do not allow your student to be sociable and go now, it is going to be a mess after high school. Because once he or she is in college and is free to party, they will be burn outs and cannot handle the new freedom which leads to excessive partying. I am not saying I condone the drinking of alcohol at such a young age but you do not have to go to a party to drink. You can go to enjoy the moment with your friends, see what is is like, and recognize the things you are supposed to do and not supposed to do. So parents, ease up on your students, let them be free for a little bit but quickly bring them back because school is always first. And to those hard core partyers, you do not need alcohol to have fun so don’t get so crazy in college. And remember, always have fun during parties, but be smart. Obviously, girls, do not take random drinks from guys in college and everyone, do not drink and drive or get in the car with a person who has been drinking. Always have a designated driver. And on that note, I am going to do a quick thank you session:

People to thank: my brother (without you, I would be lost. You have always kept me on track and have been a tremendous influence in my life. You have been an inspiration and when I grow up I would love to be half the man you are.) Mrs. Cassel (I cannot think of a teacher who has been in touch with her students for as long as you have and I am glad I can keep in touch with you. You have provided the necessary guidance as I have grown up and I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me, I will never forget you), Michelle Nguyen (to the person who has been my mentor. She is the person I can send a text or call if I am nervous about school, don’t know what to wear underneath my see thru Valedictorian gown, and if I had any questions about UCLA. Michelle, you do not even realize how much I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and I am glad I will be in the same school with you next year where I will continue to need your help so be ready.) And last, I would like to thank my mom (she could not be here tonight because of a family emergency but mom, I would like you to know that I am so thankful for everything you have done for me. You raised me and have been through a lot of tough times but you did it. I will repay you back in the future and more. I love you mom).

Some quick shoutouts to: my friends Michael Segura, Lancy Zhang, Jose Quezada, and Stephanie Chavez! I love you guys.
And before they make me get off this stage, on the way to school I heard a song today. So if you guys know the words, please sing a long or I am going to look like an idiot up here, it goes like this: Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world……

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Written by Alexandra Jones


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