VP Debate – Iran and Pakistan: Which is a greater threat,… – W/Evaluation Form

VP Debate – Iran and Pakistan: Which is a greater threat,…

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SEN. BIDEN: Well, they’re both extremely, extremely dangerous.
I always have focused — as you know — (chuckles) — Gwen, I’ve been
focusing on for a long time, along with Barack, on Pakistan. Pakistan
already has nuclear weapons. Pakistan already has deployed nuclear
weapons. Pakistan’s weapons can already hit Israel and the
Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be very, very destabilizing.
They are more than — they are not close to getting a nuclear weapon
that’s able to be deployed.
So they’re both very dangerous. They’d both be game-changers.
But look, here’s what the fundamental problem I have with John’s
policy about terror and stability. John continues to tell us that the
central war in the front on terror is in Iraq. I promise you, if an
attack comes in the homeland, it’s going to come — as our — our
security services have said — it’s going to come from al Qaeda
planning in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan. That’s where they
live. That’s where they are. That’s where it will come from.
And right now that resides in Pakistan. A stable government
needs to be established. We need to support that democracy by helping
them not only with their military, but with their governance as well
as their economic well-being. There have been 7,000 madrassas built
along that border. We should be helping them build schools to compete
for those hearts and minds of the people in the region so that we
actually are able to take on terrorism.
And by the way, that’s where bin Laden lives, and we will go at
him if we have actionable intelligence.

MS. IFILL: Governor,

What do you think?

Written by Alexandra Jones


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