Water Give: A Step Toward Solving The Water Crisis: Samatha McCabe at TEDxSoleburySchool – W/Evaluation Form

Water Give: A Step Toward Solving The Water Crisis: Samatha McCabe at TEDxSoleburySchool

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Samantha McCabe is a senior at Moorestown Friends School. Her friends often tease her about her commitment to the environment; she is that girl who will pick a bottle up off the street and carry it around until she can recycle it or bring a bag of old papers to recycle at school before her town had paper recycling.

People have different perspectives on the state of our planet and in particular, the water on Earth. On one hand, one billion people lack access to safe drinking water supplies; they think there is not enough water for their lives. In contrast, those with access to water think that abundant and safe water is their right. In places where water is abundant, the cost of water is only the cost of electricity to push it through distribution pipes, clean out impurities, or to construct water storage reservoirs. Sometimes, in areas where water is abundant, water is wasted. I am bothered by the injustice caused by the differences in water distribution around the water.

People like to help. I believe that those with abundant resources will help to provide water to those without if they were asked. “The ask” should be efficient and target the right audience. Watergive is my idea of how to collect money from those who purchase disposable bottled water. The donated money would be channeled to the UN to underwrite programs to provide water in developing countries. Basically, the idea is similar to how pet stores collect for animal shelters. At the checkout a small pop-up appears during payment that asks, “Would you like to donate money to—-?” People will donate if they think they believe there is a problem that they could help to solve and if the solution is relatively efficient. If people are asked to help, I firmly believe they will. If I can tap into this basic kindness to others in an efficient way, resources to provide clean water can be delivered to those in need.

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Written by Alexandra Jones


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